Speech Pathology The Animated SeriesVideo

EP3: Speech, spoken language and understanding (1-2 years)

Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and use of language when their child is 1. Should my baby have words when they are one? When should they start talking? Welcome to another episode from Speech Pathology The Animated Series. Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and use of language when their child is 1. Should my baby have words when…
Lauren Crumlish
29 January, 2019
Speech Pathology The Animated SeriesVideo

EP2: Speech, spoken language and understanding (0-12 months)

Episode 2: Speech Pathology The Animated Series™ Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and language their first 12 months. In this video, we’ll discuss what you should generally expect of your child’s understanding and use of language in their first 12 months. Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and language their first 12 months. When should my child say their…
Lauren Crumlish
2 January, 2019

Speech Pathology Awareness Week (2018)

This week was Speech Pathology Awareness Week. We wanted to help make people aware, so we created the video embedded below. In just three days, this video has been viewed more than 8,000 times and has reached over 35,000 people. Thanks to everyone who helped us to raise awareness by sharing our video.
Lauren Crumlish
24 August, 2018
Early Intervention Speech Pathologist
Early InterventionSpeech Pathology The Animated SeriesVideo

EP1: The importance of early intervention

A video capturing the vital need for early intervention services for children between 0 and 5 years of age. We are often asked, when is the best age to start with speech therapy? Put simply, earliest is always best. Speech pathologists can complete assessments and treat children from 16 months to 18 years of age. However, there is a very strong evidence base to support early intervention. If we can…
Lauren Crumlish
6 April, 2018
Prep Children Speech Pathology Early Years

How speech pathologists support children in prep

Towards the end of term 1, parents commonly sit down with their little one’s prep teacher. This is an opportunity for strengths and challenges from the term to be discussed. Many difficulties that children may experience in prep stem from a speech, language or literacy basis – areas that speech pathologists assess, diagnose and treat within. Speech pathologists can help if a prep child has, Unclear speech when talking with…
Lauren Crumlish
30 March, 2018
Early Years

What should I expect of my kindy-aged child’s speech sound and language development?

Parents often wonder about what speech and language skills their child will need for kindy. With prep right around the corner, no time is to be wasted ensuring that your child is set up for success. When children are between 3.5-4.5 years of age, they are expected to be well on their way with their speech-sound, language and emergent-literacy milestones. Kindy-aged children should, Speech-sound development: Kindy children’s speech should be…
Lauren Crumlish
23 February, 2018
Speech Therapy Games and Toys Strategies

Why speech pathologists use games in speech therapy

If you have been accessing therapy, or are awaiting your first therapy session, you may wonder why you see your therapist approaching with games in tow. Apart from offering the obvious fun, games are used in sessions for several important reasons: Supporting initial shyness: Some children may feel shy when therapy first begins. If they do have insight into their difficulties, interacting with a new person who is here to…
Lauren Crumlish
2 October, 2017
Child Stuttering FluencyStuttering

My child is stuttering, should I be worried?

Stuttering is perhaps one of the most known communication disorders. We all often know someone who stutters, and with Hollywood’s exposure in ‘The King’s Speech’ the debilitating impacts of chronic stuttering have become wildly known. But we also know that many children stutter – particularly in their early years. We often have many questions from parents asking if this is typical. Put simply, sometimes it is…and sometimes it is not. Around 2…
Lauren Crumlish
1 October, 2017
Literacy - Child struggles to read LiteracyReading

Why is reading difficult for my child?

Home readers, sight words, NAPLAN….while these words are just an ordinary part of the schooling experience for some, for others, they bring huge stress and angst. Often difficulties with these experiences arise from a breakdown in reading. Despite consistent efforts with daily homework, some children continue to be slow, effortful, frustrated readers. A question we often receive from our families, is: “why is it so hard for us to grasp?”.…
Lauren Crumlish
9 April, 2017
Kids using devices Early Years

Is your child having too much screen time?

Screen time in isolation can not hope to compare to the power of a consistent and nurturing response of a caregiver. A question and concern that I often receive clinically from parents relates to screen time and ‘how much is too much?’. This can be a tricky question to answer. In our modern society, it feels like IT and media is forever becoming more accessible and in-our-face. On top of…
Lauren Crumlish
25 March, 2017
Lauren Crumlish Strategies

3 tips to get the best out of your speech therapy session

Not all therapy sessions are created equal! How well our little ones can engage and remain focused can have a huge impact on how they respond to therapy work. With therapy sessions only lasting for 45 minutes, it is critical that this time is used effectively to maximise outcomes. Luckily there are golden tips and tricks that you can use to help your little one get the most out of…
Lauren Crumlish
12 March, 2017
Early Intervention
Early InterventionEarly Years

Early intervention, how early is too early?

When parents have started to realise that their little one’s speech, language or fluency development is falling behind average age expectations, they often ask – what next? Should I just wait? Will they grow out of it? Will they just catch up? Am I overreacting? Research indicates that early intervention is one way to minimise the impacts of speech and language difficulties long term. The power of early intervention, lays in the…
Lauren Crumlish
11 March, 2017
Speech Language Queensland Early Years

Speech & language milestones

A child’s speech and language development is a highly complex, intricate process. Even during periods when it may seem like they are plateauing at a certain development level, their brain is consistently absorbing and processing adult models of speech and language forms. The entire process is a complex yet rapidly occurring one, with an adult-like speech sound and language system emerging by 5 years of age. Of course speech and…
Lauren Crumlish
9 March, 2017

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