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3 tips to get the best out of your speech therapy session

Not all therapy sessions are created equal! How well our little ones can engage and remain focused can have a huge impact on how they respond to therapy work. With therapy sessions only lasting for 45 minutes, it is critical that this time is used effectively to maximise outcomes. Luckily there are golden tips and tricks that you can use to help your little one get the most out of…
Lauren Crumlish
12 March, 2017
Early InterventionEarly InterventionEarly Years

Early intervention, how early is too early?

When parents have started to realise that their little one’s speech, language or fluency development is falling behind average age expectations, they often ask – what next? Should I just wait? Will they grow out of it? Will they just catch up? Am I overreacting? Research indicates that early intervention is one way to minimise the impacts of speech and language difficulties long term. The power of early intervention, lays in the…
Lauren Crumlish
11 March, 2017

Essentially, childhood speech and language development is dependent on interaction. If children aren’t hearing, or their hearing is reduced, they will have limited exposure to adult modelling of appropriate speech and language forms through their interactions.

Lauren Crumlish
Speech Language QueenslandEarly Years

Speech & language milestones

A child’s speech and language development is a highly complex, intricate process. Even during periods when it may seem like they are plateauing at a certain development level, their brain is consistently absorbing and processing adult models of speech and language forms. The entire process is a complex yet rapidly occurring one, with an adult-like speech sound and language system emerging by 5 years of age. Of course speech and…
Lauren Crumlish
9 March, 2017

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