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Towards the end of term 1, parents commonly sit down with their little one’s prep teacher. This is an opportunity for strengths and challenges from the term to be discussed. Many difficulties that children may experience in prep stem from a speech, language or literacy basis – areas that speech pathologists assess, diagnose and treat within.

Speech pathologists can help if a prep child has,

  • Unclear speech when talking with teachers and peers
  • Difficulty understanding instructions
  • Difficulty understanding and using new words
  • Uncertainty completing show-and-tell presentations
  • Difficulties learning and retaining information about letters and sounds
  • Difficulties learning how to read – both sounding out and sight words
  • Difficulties making and maintaining friendships
  • Difficulties engaging in age-appropriate play
  • Dysfluent speech (stuttering)
  • Difficulties talking in complete sentences
  • Difficulties retelling back personal or fictional stories
  • Difficulties writing letters and words

A speech pathology assessment is a great way to determine if your child’s speech clarity/language/literacy or social skills development is falling within average age expectations. We love supporting children in their prep year, knowing that we are acting early in a little one’s schooling career to set them up for success.

If you have any concerns for your prep child’s development, or would like to chat more specifically about concerns that you may have, contact Speech Clinic today to start taking action.