We believe in

Transparent Prices

We are a mobile clinic, perfectly equipped to assess and provide therapy in the most natural environment for your child – within their home. Together, we craft an individualised, evidence-based intervention plan that will suit you and your child’s needs.

Healthcare Compliant

Claim back on Medicare or through your Private Health provider – we’re fully compliant.

Home Visits

We are a fully equipped mobile practice, providing therapy in the most natural environment for your child – their home.

Certified & Accredited

Lauren is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and is accredited in Hanen (ITTTT), Lidcombe Therapy, DIR Floortime and PECS.

Exclusively Paediatric

We provide assessments and therapy to children who are 16 months to 18 years old.

Our Speech Therapy

Treatment Sessions

Our therapy session pricing is simple and transparent. Each therapy session is 45-minutes in length and costs $145.
Your child may need an initial assessment.

Initial Assessment

Our assessment costs vary upon the concern and assessment requirements of the child. We may need to individualise your child's assessment needs. Generally speaking, we offer...


Short Assessment

Up to 60 minutes

Late Talker


Speech Clarity


Mid-length Assessment

Up to 90 minutes

School-aged language


Social communication


Long Assessment

Up to 120 minutes+

Dual focus school-aged language and literacy-based assessment

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