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Hello, we are a Brisbane Speech Pathology practice supporting children with their speech, language, fluency, literacy and social interaction. Speech Clinic™ is an exclusively paediatric speech therapy service, providing assessments and treatment to children between 16 months to 18 years.

Why Choose Speech Clinic?
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We value family-centred, evidence-based practice.

We will support your child’s uniqueness and individual profile in the comfort of your home environment. We offer before and after school appointments along with weekend and traditional business hours appointments.

Accredited & Certified

Accredited in Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk), Lidcombe therapy, DIR Floortime, PECS + more.

Gold Standard Treatment

We offer interventions such as Lidcombe Therapy that are the Gold Standard.

We’re a Mobile Speech Therapist

We provide therapy in the most natural environment for your child, their home.

Medicare & Private Health

Claim back through Medicare or Private Health - we're compliant.

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Lauren Crumlish is a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist

Exclusively Paediatric

We assess and treat children aged 16 months to 18 years.

About Our Founder & Clinician

Lauren Crumlish

Brisbane Speech Pathologist

B.Biomed.Sc(Hons.1) MSpPathSt(Hons.1) CPSP

PhD candidate at The University of Queensland (UQ)

Research Assistant at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (UQ)

Casual Academic at The University of Queensland (UQ)

Before working as a speech pathologist, I worked as a medical researcher. I worked at the Queensland Brain Institute and Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. I am currently undertaking a PhD project at The University of Queensland (UQ). This PhD project examines current clinical practices for children with traumatic brain injuries.

I work exclusively with children as a paediatric clinician. I have experience working with young toddlers through to late-stage teens in a variety of areas – speech clarity, language impairments, complex communication and disability, reading and writing, stuttering and social communication.

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Speech Pathology

The Animated Series

Our acclaimed Speech Pathology The Animated Series™ aims to help parents and educators learn more about Speech Pathology.

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Brisbane Speech Therapy for Children

Speech Therapy for Kids

As a Brisbane speech therapy practice, Speech Clinic supports children across their childhood and teenage years. We are strong advocates for early intervention. Recognising signs of potential speech, language, social, or literacy difficulties is important, as this helps us to minimise future impacts on social and academic success.

Should we wait and see?
We are often asked, "when is the best age to start speech therapy?". Earliest is always best. Speech and Language Pathologists can complete assessments and provide treatment to children from 16 months to 18 years old. There is strong evidence supporting early intervention. When a speech therapist can support a child from birth until 4-5 years old, they can reduce the long-term impacts of a communication or language disorder. This gives our children the best chance to be ready for school. You will have heard the "just wait and see" phrase, but this old saying can actually do harm. Taking immediate action can ensure that your child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Sometimes speech, language, literacy, fluency and social interaction difficulties can become present throughout a child's schooling years. We also love supporting school-aged children and adolescents to reach their full academic an social potential.

Information on

Speech and Language Pathology

Some of the ‘jargon’ can be a little confusing at first. We have created a small guide, to explain the terms Speech and Language Pathologists use.

What is Speech Pathology?

What is Speech Pathology?

The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. Speech Pathology stems from two keywords. Speech, meaning communication, and pathology, meaning someone who studies cause and effect. Together, these words refer to someone who provides therapy for communication and swallowing disorders. A paediatric speech pathologist supports children from 16 months to 18 years.

Speech Clinic™ offers assessments and therapy for:

  • Speech sound difficulties
  • Language difficulties
  • Fluency difficulties
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social communication

What is Speech Clarity?

What is Speech Clarity?

Speech clarity refers to how clearly a person’s speech is produced. This is how accurately a person is pronouncing their speech sounds. Speech clarity development begins early when infants begin babbling. By three years of age, a child’s speech should be clear at least 75% of the time when interacting with an unfamiliar person. By 5 years of age, a child’s speech should almost be adult-like in its clarity.

What is Language?

What is Language?

The ability to understand and use words and sentences to share meaning. Language involves both how we understand (receptive) and use (expressive) words and sentences. A person may have difficulty in either or both domains. Children that experience language difficulties may have difficulty understanding instructions or using words and sentences. An older child with language difficulties may have difficulty understanding or telling stories.

What is Fluency

What is Fluency?

The ability to speak smoothly. Fluency refers to how smoothly words are spoken. A breakdown in fluency leads to a speech disorder known as ‘stuttering’. A child who stutters may repeat sounds, words or phrases. They may also stretch out their sounds or it may seem that their words ‘get caught’ or blocked in their throat.

What is Literacy?

What is Literacy?

The ability to read and write. Speech pathologists can support children that experience literacy difficulties. A speech pathologist can provide support for:

Reading accuracy
Slow or effortful reading
Reading comprehension
Speech pathologists can also provide intervention for writing difficulties. This can be for writing sentences and stories or for spelling.

What is Social Communication?

What is Social Communication?

The ability to use language socially to interact and play with others. Social communication refers to the language a child uses when interacting with others. A child who has social communication difficulties may find understanding body language difficult. They may also find understanding other forms of non-verbal communication difficult. Children who have social communication difficulties may struggle to make and maintain friendships. This can lead to frustration and anxiety. Understanding other peoples’ thoughts and feelings is also important for successful social interactions.

Locations we visit

Speech Clinic is a private speech pathologist.
We assess, diagnose and treat children 16 months to 18 years presenting with:

  • Speech clarity difficulties (articulation, phonological and motor speech disorders)
  • Language delays and disorders
  • Dysfluency (stuttering)
  • Social interaction difficulties
  • Literacy Difficulties (dyslexias and dysgraphias)
  • Diagnoses (children presenting with Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD], Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay [GDD], Down Syndrome)
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Brisbane Speech Therapy

As a Brisbane Speech Therapy Clinic, we visit suburbs on the north, south, east and west sides of Brisbane. We have everything to provide speech therapy in your home. We love having the family involved, including your pets!

Bayside Speech Therapy

We make home visits to the Bayside suburbs of Brisbane as well. Experience Speech Pathology in your child’s most natural environment – their home.

Redlands City Speech Therapy

We also visit Redlands City (Coast)! We dedicate a number of days to the Redlands and offer times before, during and after school as well as on weekends. Please get in touch to check availabilities.

Speech Pathology Blog

As a parent, early years educator or health professional arming yourself with the latest evidence-backed information is key. We strive to provide you with authoritative articles, backed by real evidence. Enjoy these articles below.

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23 March, 2019

How long does speech therapy take?

A very natural question for parents and caregivers to ask is, ‘how long will speech therapy take?’. Any therapy is an investment requiring a financial, time and effort-based commitment. We always aim to minimise the time and cost to a family, while trying to maximise the quality and holistic nature of our therapy, supporting a child’s current social and academic needs and laying a foundation for future, ongoing progress. Some…
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1 March, 2019

Everything you need to know about telespeech therapy

With the introduction of the NBN, Satellite Internet and the soon-to-be rolled out 5G network, telepractice speech pathology is becoming increasingly known among medical professionals, clinicians and families. In this video, Lauren chats about telepractice, its benefits and if it may be suitable for your child.
Speech Pathology The Animated SeriesVideo
29 January, 2019

EP3: Speech, spoken language and understanding (1-2 years)

Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and use of language when their child is 1. Should my baby have words when they are one? When should they start talking? Welcome to another episode from Speech Pathology The Animated Series. Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and use of language when their child is 1. Should my baby have words when…
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EP2: Speech, spoken language and understanding (0-12 months)

Episode 2: Speech Pathology The Animated Series™ Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and language their first 12 months. In this video, we’ll discuss what you should generally expect of your child’s understanding and use of language in their first 12 months. Parents have a lot of questions about their child’s speech, understanding and language their first 12 months. When should my child say their…
24 August, 2018

Speech Pathology Awareness Week (2018)

This week was Speech Pathology Awareness Week. We wanted to help make people aware, so we created the video embedded below. In just three days, this video has been viewed more than 8,000 times and has reached over 35,000 people. Thanks to everyone who helped us to raise awareness by sharing our video.
Lauren Crumlish Q&AVideo
17 July, 2018

Q&A with Lauren

In this Q&A video, Lauren talks through the questions we received in a recent open forum. The questions asked by these parents are not uncommon and most parents have similar concerns.