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  • General Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    My child is 2 years and not yet talking - should I be concerned?

    First words are typically observed around a little’s one first birthday. From this time, their vocabulary of spoken words and words that they understand will continue to grow. By two years, children will begin combining their words into two-word utterances.

    Is it true that boys develop their speech and language milestones more slowly than girls?

    This is an old myth which unfortunately is still circulated. Boys and girls develop their early speech and language milestones in the same manner. We do know that boys are more likely to experience language delays and disorders however.

    My child is really frustrated when we sit down to complete our school-based reading homework? Is this typical for all kids?

    A little bit of frustration is to be expected when someone is learning anything new. If you find though that your child is consistently frustrated, or not showing confidence around reading it may be stemming from a deeper difficulty. Unfortunately literacy expectations in the schooling environment are forever increasing, and children can quickly fall behind curricular expectations.

    My child struggles to tell me about their day? They tend to tell me “I can’t remember” when I ask. Is this typical or should I be concerned?

    Narratives, or the ability to talk about your day, should develop around three years of age. Children with language difficulties may struggle to answer such questions (and therefore might answer that they can’t remember to avoid the interaction). If your child is having difficulties understanding language, they may also have difficulties understanding your question.  

    Most people other than me find it difficult to understand my child’s speech. Is this usual for a toddler?

    As children are learning to talk, their speech may be slightly unclear at times. However, by 2 years of age their speech should be understood 50% of time time by unfamiliar listeners. By three years their speech should be understood 75% of time by unfamiliar listeners. By 5 years, a child should have an adult-like speech sound system.

  • Payment Questions

    Frequently Asked Funding Questions

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    Can I pay via Credit Card?

    Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including American Express. Please note we do have a 2% surcharge on all AMEX transactions.

    Can I pay using Cash?

    Yes, most certainly. Please have the correct change, or let your clinician know prior to the session so we can have the right change for you.

    Can I pay for multiple sessions?

    Unfortunately no. In the health industry, it's widely seen as malpractice to include any type of 'bulk-buy' incentive.

    What if we miss a week?

    Missing a week is fine. We understand things come up. We do ask for at least 24 hours notice so we can shuffle around our day.

    Do sessions need to be weekly?

    This depends on your child's needs. We can look at tailoring a specific session plan to work around your child's needs, budgets, work and more. We're always happy to help as there's nothing more important to us than ensuring your child is receiving the right amount and frequency of treatment.