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Not all therapy sessions are created equal! How well our little ones can engage and remain focused can have a huge impact on how they respond to therapy work. With therapy sessions only lasting for 45 minutes, it is critical that this time is used effectively to maximise outcomes. Luckily there are golden tips and tricks that you can use to help your little one get the most out of their next speech therapy session!


Fuel the body to fuel the brain

Hungry tummies can make engagement and learning more difficult. Ensuring that your little one has eaten regularly, or had a snack before therapy, will ensure that they are able to fully engage within learning.

A rested mind is a sharp mind

We all know how awful we can feel if our sleep cycle is disrupted. While our therapy is fun and filled with motivation, it still will be challenging for your child. A good nights sleep will support their endurance.

Prepare the body for learning

Wiggles, giggles and fidgeting can be overcome by preparing the body for learning. Taking your little one to the park where they can jump, climb and run before starting their session will work wonders for their engagement.