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Hello! Speech Clinic is a kids’ speech therapy service that services the Mount Cotton area. We support children with their speech, language, fluency, literacy and social interaction.

We’re a mobile speech pathology service – This means that your child can experience speech therapy in their most natural environment, their home.

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About Our Founder & Clinician

Lauren Crumlish

Mount Cotton Speech Pathologist

B.Biomed.Sc(Hons.1) MSpPathSt(Hons.1) CPSP

PhD candidate at The University of Queensland (UQ)

Research Assistant at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (UQ)

Casual Academic at The University of Queensland (UQ)

Before working as a speech pathologist, I worked as a medical researcher. I worked at the Queensland Brain Institute and Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. I am currently undertaking a PhD project at The University of Queensland (UQ). This PhD project examines current clinical practices for children with traumatic brain injuries.

I work exclusively with children as a paediatric clinician. I have experience working with young toddlers through to late-stage teens in a variety of areas – speech clarity, language impairments, complex communication and disability, reading and writing, stuttering and social communication.

If you’re looking for a Speech and Language Therapist in the Mount Cotton Redlands area, get in touch today.

Mount Cotton Speech Therapy


We value family-centred, evidence-based practice.

We will support your child’s uniqueness and individual profile in the comfort of your home environment. We offer a range of flexible appointment times for those who live in Mount Cotton. Families love accessing therapy in their home, saving the trip into Brisbane and providing therapy to your child in their most natural environment, their home.

We can offer before and after school appointments, weekend appointments, and traditional business hours appointments. Please contact us for availability.

Accredited & Certified

Accredited in Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk), Lidcombe therapy, DIR Floortime, PECS + more.

Gold Standard Treatment

We offer interventions such as Lidcombe Therapy that are the Gold Standard.

We’re a Mobile Speech Therapist

We provide therapy in the most natural environment for your child, their home in Mount Cotton.

Medicare & Private Health

Claim back through Medicare or Private Health - we're compliant.

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Lauren Crumlish is a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist

Exclusively Paediatric

We assess and treat children aged 16 months to 18 years.

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Book an appointment for your child to see Lauren.


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Transparent Prices

We are a Mount Cotton Speech Pathologist, perfectly equipped to assess and provide therapy in the most natural environment for your child – within their home. Together, we craft an individualised, evidence-based intervention plan that will suit you and your child’s needs.

Contact us for availability information in Mount Cotton.

Healthcare Compliant

Claim back on Medicare or through your Private Health provider – we’re fully compliant.

Home Visits

We are a fully equipped mobile practice, providing therapy in the most natural environment for your child – their home.

Certified & Accredited

Lauren is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and is accredited in Hanen (ITTTT), Lidcombe Therapy, DIR Floortime and PECS.

Exclusively Paediatric

We provide assessments and therapy to children who are 16 months to 18 years old.

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